Global Mutual Aid Club

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+0.00485917% profit is made every 8 minutes: +1% per day or +30% per month.
+5% referral bonus
Guaranteed return of 80% in the event of a restart
8-level leader bonuses

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To join, you will need the SPARTA cryptocurrency
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The ELDORADO system is based on the improved unique mathematical algorithms developed by the Mavrodi brothers — Sergey and Viacheslav. It was created by a team of former MMM enthusiasts.

Reliable mathematical algorithm.
Decentralized System.
It operates using blockchain — thus, it cannot be hacked.
Join with no registration
No human factor involved.
Automatic payouts.

Watch a video "How all is works?"

Consistent profit 30% per month. Start in a few clicks!

Enter your cryptocurrency address and click “Join”.

Your donation grows by +0.00485917% every 8 minutes, making up +1% per day or +30% per month.

Transfer cryptocurrency to the indicated address

You can withdraw your money at any time.

It's as simple as that! No registration, all payouts are automatic.

To join, you will need the SPARTA cryptocurrency

Instantaneous 5% referral bonus!

To bring in a new member as your referral, provide them with your referral link.

Bonuses are paid for donations made by each of members you bring in. You can bring in as many new members as you want — it could well be the entire world!

When the new member joins the system, makes a donation, you will receive +5% of the amount of donation by this member.

Bonuses are ONLY awarded for the “new money”.

8-Level Leader Bonuses!

Level Percentage Personal donation
1, ref. bonus 5% from $88
2 3% from $888
3 1% from $1,888
4 0.5% from $2,888
5 0.3% from $3,888
6 0.1% from $4,888
7 0.05% from $5,888
8 0.05% from $6,888

Total allocated for bonuses: 10%

Whenever your referrals bring in new members, you'll earn bonuses, too!

For instance, you've invited your friend Ivan to the System, and he's become your referral. Ivan has invited Leonid who has become your Level 2 referral. When Leonid invites Peter, the latter will become your Level 3 referral, etc.

8 levels in total make up your team, and you're the leader! Bonuses are only activated under one condition — if you've donated a certain amount in total.


482680.90 SPA after 6 months

To join, you will need the SPARTA cryptocurrency

Details and additional opportunities

Withdrawal at any time.
Bonuses are immediately awarded and grow at a certain rate
No limitations apply — you can donate any amount to ELDORADO

Safe, transparent, decentralized
ELDORADO does not store member passwords and personal data. The system operates automatically using the cryptocurrency blockchain, with no human factor involved, and uses “cold” wallets.

No risk of losing funds
If something goes wrong, a restart is announced and the system is relaunched. Each member receives an 80% refund of the amount available in their Personal Account (donation amount + earnings + bonuses).

Example of system operations

Step 1
Donate and make profit
Step 1
Donate and make profit

You make a donation of $1,000.


This amount grows by +0.00485917% every 8 minutes.


You can withdraw your profit at any time. In a month, you will be able to withdraw $1,300!

Step 2
Earn referral bonus
Step 2
Earn referral bonus

You bring in your friend Leonid as a new member who makes a donation of $1,000.


You are awarded a referral bonus of (5% of $1,000).


Leonid invites his friends, and you receive leadership bonuses for them, too.

Step 3
Further development
Step 3
Further development

Seeing how well it works, you and other members make new donations and set up your own teams.

The System operates like clockwork — everyone receives profit and bonuses!

ELDORADO keeps up MMM ideology!

Eldorado logo

ELDORADO was developed by a team of former MMM enthusiasts who are loyal to Sergey Mavrodi's ideals. By launching this project, a single key purpose was pursued — that of making a new step on the path to changing the world.

ELDORADO, just like MMM, wants to build a new just world where everyone will live happily. Where people will no longer be slaves to banks and governments. Everyone deserves a chance to live a better life. Now, with the launch of ELDORADO, everyone will have this chance — at a whole new level!

ELDORADO is a System for people who are tired of living in the world of lies, pain and fear. Thanks to decentralization, maths and Blockchain — nothing will prevent the Global Mutual Aid Club to cause a financial apocalypse and build a new fair world for everyone!

ELDORADO is a new generation of MMM!

Sergey Mavrodi

Mathematical algorithms behind ELDORADO originate from materials handed over by Sergey Mavrodi's brother, Viacheslav, after the demise of the former. He shared with us unique, revolutionary ideas that brothers have told no one about for 25 years. Based on our experience, we have improved these algorithms and have developed a unique Mutual Aid System.

Earlier, MMM had to face obstacles on its path to changing the world. MMM-94 was shattered down by the state that took 17 trucks of cash belonging to MMM members to an undisclosed location. MMM-2011 shut down after its leader, Sergey Mavrodi, was arrested, and MMM Global closed down after his demise.

ELDORADO learnt the lessons from MMM-94, MMM-2011 and MMM Global — it incorporated the best and got rid of all disadvantages. Based on the cutting-edge Blockchain technology and the mathematical algorithm developed by the Mavrodi brothers and our own unique ideas, we've created a System at a new level. It cannot be hacked, it's not affected by the human factor.

ELDORADO is a completely decentralized System that operates automatically, regulated and controlled by no one. It cannot be destroyed. Thus, MMM has transformed into ELDORADO and has become even better. This is MMM of the digital age — a new Global Mutual Aid Club! It's a new-generation MMM! This is a financial nuke!

Viacheslav Mavrodi

Together we will change the world! Welcome to the club!

To join, you will need the SPARTA cryptocurrency