Terms and Definitions:

  • Algorithms by brothers Mavrodi — Sergey and Viacheslav. Unique mathematically proven formulas that help anyone make consistent profit while helping others. Read more in Viacheslav Mavrodi's letter at https://eld.club/mail.html. Based on our experience, we have improved these algorithms and have developed a unique Mutual Aid System.
  • Team of former MMM enthusiasts. People who have taken an active part in developing and promoting the MMM Community. Programmers, mentors, designers, marketers, copy-writers, etc.
  • System. The ELDORADO Club. The entire operational mechanism in a single word.
  • Donation. “Contribution”, identical to providing help with MMM.
  • Donation address. Unique address provided to a member for making donations. All transfers to this address will be treated as donations by this member. Accordingly, the reward will only be paid to the member who has a donation address.
  • Leader. A member with a team who actively brings in new members and helps them donate. As a rule, a leader has a lot of referrals and an extended structure. Anyone may become a leader.
  • Guaranteed refund. If the system is restarted, you automatically get a refund of 80% of the amount available in your Personal Account (donation amount + earnings + bonuses).
  • Mnemonic phrase. A secret phrase that ensures access to a cryptocurrency address.
  • "Cold" wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet that cannot be hacked as it's inaccessible on the Internet.
  • ELD is ELDORADO's conditional currency unit used to record donations. ELD price grows by +0.00485917% every 8 minutes. (1% per day, 30% per month). You can exchange ELD for cryptocurrency at any time using the current exchange rate.

1. What is ELDORADO and who created it?

This is a Global Mutual Aid Club. It's a new-generation MMM.

The ELDORADO system uses unique mathematical algorithms developed by the Mavrodi brothers — Sergey and Viacheslav. It is based on voluntary donations. It was created by a team of former MMM enthusiasts. The ELDORADO team has improved these algorithms and has developed a unique Mutual Aid System.

Algorithms by brothers Mavrodi are published on our website: https://eld.club/mail.html and are available in 3 languages — Russian (original), English and Chinese (translations).

On June 4, Sergey Mavrodi's brother, Viacheslav, promulgated these algorithms on his Twitter and Facebook pages.

On June 5, our team — a group of enthusiasts that closely collaborated with Sergey Mavrodi — decided to check if it worked. On June 7, we came up with the first demo that proved authenticity of all algorithms. Our team continued to study the issue in more detail.

This is how the ELDORADO project came to life in June. It's based on these algorithms, but also uses cryptocurrencies. The project was launched on June 24, 2018 by using Bitcoin only since this is a common cryptocurrency known all over the world.

Based on our experience, we launched the ELDORADO System, version 3.0. It uses the improved algorithms and operates on its own blockchain while leaning on the SPARTA cryptocurrency which is a lot faster and more convenient than Bitcoin.

The system is decentralized. A document that proves that it's completely automatic and cannot be hacked, steal from, etc will be published later.

2. Why was the ELDORADO System created?

ELDORADO was developed by a team of former MMM enthusiasts who are loyal to Sergey Mavrodi's ideals. By launching this project, we pursue a single purpose — that of making a new step on the path to changing the world.

Thanks to decentralization, maths and blockchain, the International Mutual Aid Club will make every effort to build a new fair world with new financial relations based on mutual help.

3. Who controls the System?

No on. ELDORADO is a completely decentralized System. It's automatic, based on the cryptocurrency code and blockchain, with no human factor involved.

System maintenance is carried out by the ELDORADO team — former MMM activists. What is the difference between control and maintenance? For instance, we can make modifications on the website, but we have no access to private keys and member funds — funds are stored in a “moneybox-account”.

We use the cold wallet technology, and servers used to make payouts, cannot be accessed on the Internet. Additionally, we're preparing a completely decentralized “bank”.

4. Why don't you use logins and passwords, unlike other websites?

First, this is done to protect users from attacks so that no one could steal passwords or cause any harm.

Second, it's required by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation — https://gdpr-info.eu/)

This is why we use the message signature functionality to validate wallet ownership.

5. Is it safe to be a member? Can the System be hacked or a wallet “stolen”?

It's safe. The System is based on its own blockchain which cannot be forged or hacked. All payments are automatic and based on mathematical algorithms, with no human factor involved.

The System uses the “cold” wallet technology. Servers used to make payments cannot be accessed on the Internet and are, therefore, protected against attacks.

Additionally, ELDORADO has no registration procedure in principle — there are no Personal Account passwords that could be stolen.

6. Can ELDORADO shut down, just like the previous MMM projects?

No. Earlier, MMM had to face obstacles on its path to changing the world. MMM-94 was shattered down by the state that took 17 trucks of cash belonging to MMM members to an undisclosed location. MMM-2011 shut down after its leader, Sergey Mavrodi, was arrested, and MMM Global closed down after his demise.

We've learnt the lessons from MMM-94, MMM-2011 and MMM Global — we've incorporated the best and got rid of all disadvantages.

  • Using the cutting-edge Blockchain technology, the mathematical algorithm developed by the Mavrodi brothers and our own unique ideas, we've created a System at a new level.
  • In ELDORADO, funds cannot be stolen.
  • The System cannot be hacked.
  • This is a decentralized System controlled by no one and dependent on no one; it can continue operating on its own, with no commands.

Considering the above factors, ELDORADO simply cannot end up like MMM.

7. Where does ELDORADO store member details? Where does statistics come from?

We don't store any data. ELDORADO is based on blockchain; therefore, all statistics and Personal Account details are derived from the blockchain. For instance, the blockchain explorer https://www.blockchain.com/ can deliver data by blocks; similarly, ELDORADO statistics are mere selections of data.

The System is completely transparent. ELDORADO stores no information whatsoever about its users. Absolutely none. It's all stored in the blockchain — that's all.

8. How do I become a member of ELDORADO?

1. Navigate to our website's home page — https://eld.club — or the Office tab — https://eld.club/lk.html

2. To create your Personal Account (PA) enter your cryptocurrency address and click “Join”. Important! We don't require you to enter mnemonic phrases — just the address to send the reward to. By entering the address, you don't place your wallet under any threats. As of now, your address is your login and password for accessing your PA — please, save it.

3. To make a donation, transfer an amount in cryptocurrency to the Donation Address indicated in your PA. Use the same address for making all further donations. Your reward for making transfers to this address is sent to the wallet you specify (used as your login).

4. Your Personal Account displays your own referral link. You can use it to build your own structure and earn referral and 8-level leader bonuses. Send it to those who you would like to invite to the system.

5. Your PA also includes useful information sections:

  • Your leader, i. e. a person who has invited you and whose team you're in.
  • The “Donations” tab where you can see all transactions submitted to the System Address indicated in your PA.
  • The “Bonuses” tab which displays all your bonuses.
  • The “Payouts” tab which shows all payouts sent to your address.
  • The “Referrals” tab which lists your level 1 referrals.
  • The “Stats” tab which displays all of your statistics.

The Personal Account also displays the current price and the amount that is available for withdrawal (your donations + earnings + bonuses) and time left until the next price change which happens every 8 minutes.

9. What currency can be used to make donations in ELDORADO? Are any limitations applied to the donation amount?

The SPARTA cryptocurrency. You can donate any amount to ELDORADO. There's no upper limit.

10. Can I make more than 1 donation?

Yes, you can make as many donations as you want — every other second if you wish.

11. Can I make a new donation before I receive profit/payment for the previous one?

Yes, you can make new donations at any time, regardless of your previous donations.

12. What will be the profit and when will I receive it?

Your donation grows by +0.00485917% every 8 minutes.

It makes up 1% per day. Or 30% per month.

You can withdraw your money at any time. To do this, you need to sign a message which is described below as a set of instructions.

13. Where will my funds be sent upon withdrawal?

Your reward will be transferred to the cryptocurrency address you indicate in the “JOIN” form. You use the same address to log into your Personal Account (Office).

14. Do you have a referral program? If you do, what are the conditions? And what exactly is the “new money”?

Yes, we do. If you bring in a new member, you will receive a +5% referral bonus of the amount of each donation by this member.

For instance:

  • You invite a new member who makes a donation of $1,000 — you immediately receive a +5% bonus.
  • Note, however, that the bonus is ONLY awarded for the “new money”.
  • The new money is the NEW donations, rather than donations of earnings.

For instance:

  • You invite a new member who makes a donation of $1,000 — you receive $50.
  • If, however, this new member withdraws $1,500 and makes another donation of $1,000, you get no bonus.

Referral bonuses are activated under the condition that you've donated a minimum of $88.

15. Where can I find my referral link and how can I bring in a new member?

Your referral link is indicated in your Personal Account, immediately below your address.

Copy and send it to those who you would like to invite. Each user who clicks your referral link to join the System will automatically become your referral. You will receive bonuses for each of your referrals.

16. Can I build structures and earn in-depth multi-level leader bonuses as in MMM?

Yes! Whenever your referrals bring in new members, you'll earn bonuses, too!

For instance, you've invited your friend Ivan to the System, and he's become your referral. Ivan has invited Leonid who has become your Level 2 referral. When Leonid invites Peter, the latter will become your Level 3 referral, etc.

The System allows for 8 levels! Bonuses are activated if two conditions are satisfied:

  • If you've made at least one donation.
  • If you've donated a specific amount overall. Please, refer to the table below for specific amounts.
Bonuses Percentage Conditions
Level 1, ref. bonus 5% Personal donation starting from $88
Level 2 3% Personal donation starting from $888
Level 3 1% Personal donation starting from $1,888
Level 4 0.5% Personal donation starting from $2,888
Level 5 0.3% Personal donation starting from $3,888
Level 6 0.1% Personal donation starting from $4,888
Level 7 0.05% Personal donation starting from $5,888
Level 8 0.05% Personal donation starting from $6,888

Total allocated for bonuses: 10%

17. How can I access my Personal Account (Office)?

18. How many confirmations does my transaction need to receive?

3 confirmations in the SPARTA network.

19. What if something goes wrong? Could there be a System restart? Is the refund guaranteed?

If something goes wrong, a restart is announced and the system is relaunched. Each member receives an 80% refund of the amount available in their Personal Account (donation amount + earnings + bonuses).

20. Can I withdraw profits only while leaving the donation in the System?

Yes, no problem.

Just navigate to the “Withdrawal” section and withdraw the required amount. The remaining amount will grow at an interest.

21. How can I sign the message to withdraw funds? Why do I have to do it?

You need to sign the message to prove that you actually own the address. It's easy and can be done in just a few mouse clicks in your cryptocurrency wallet. This step protects you from unauthorized access to your settings and from hacking. Since no passwords are stored anywhere, they cannot be stolen. In fact, your cryptocurrency address is your password.

You can easily sign a message in the SPARTA web-wallet, on the SIGEN.pro web-platform

For information on how you can do it, see the details below.

22. How can I create a SPARTA wallet and sign a message?

To create a wallet:

  • Navigate to the SPARTA web-site: https://wallet.sparta.top/
  • Click “Create a wallet”.
  • Select the difficulty (length) of the mnemonic code (for example, a 128-bit code) and click the “Generate” button. The more bits you select, the longer your phrase will be.
  • Copy and save the generated phrase in a safe and secure place. Memorize the phrase and write it down.
  • Click the button to confirm you have saved the phrase, and you will be forwarded to your wallet.
  • This phrase will now be both your login and password. Use it to access the wallet.

To sign a message:

  • Log into the wallet: https://wallet.sparta.top/ and click the “Sign/check the message” button.
  • Select the message to be signed. You can find it on your ELDORADO account, on the withdrawal tab.
  • Click “Sign”. Copy the message generated by the System and use it to withdraw funds on ELDORADO.

23. How can I register with SIGEN.pro and sign a message?

SIGEN.pro is a convenient web-platform that operates equally well on PC's and mobile devices. You don't need to download anything, memorize a seed phrase. You've got a login and a password, two-factor authentication and support desk. The platform is available in 11 languages.

To register:

  • Navigate to the SIGEN.pro website.
  • Click “Registration” in the top right corner.
  • Enter your e-mail and password. For security reasons, your password must be at least 8 characters long, including upper and lower case letters, at least one digit and one special character.
  • Read the User Agreement, select “I agree” and click “Next”.
  • A confirmation code will be sent to your e-mail. Check your e-mail, copy the code and insert it into the form on the website.
  • Click “Confirm”.

To sign a message:

  • Click the wallet icon in the top right corner where “Refill your balance” is displayed.
  • Click “Deposit/withdraw” next to the SPARTA cryptocurrency.
  • Use the address to donate to the system and receive payouts (use it to enter your Personal Account in ELDORADO). Make sure to save it for future logins into the System.
  • Click the pen address next to the address.
  • Enter the message and click “Sign”.

Congratulations! You've just signed the message; now copy the signature and use it to withdraw funds.

24. Where can I find my statistics?

It's available in your Personal Account (Office) on the “Stats” tab.

25. Where can I obtain cryptocurrency for making donations?

You can buy/sell cryptocurrency:

  • on the SPARTA website via the embedded exchanger in exchange for other cryptocurrencies https://sparta.top/.
  • on the SIGEN.pro exchange in exchange for other cryptocurrencies.
  • on the SIGEN.pro exchange in exchange for fiat currencies from all over the world via the P2P platform.

26. How much time do I have to wait for transaction confirmation in the SPARTA network?

On average, 1 confirmation takes 1 minute.

27. Who can I contact in case of further questions?

Contact your leader (i. e. the user who invited you to the System) with all further questions.

You can also send your questions to our chats — you can see the relevant buttons on the right-hand panel on the website — just click these buttons.

Subscribe to our Telegram channel to immediately receive project news — Telegram channel

Join our Telegram group to communicate with other users — Telegram group

Join our Skype chat to communicate with other users — Skype chat

28. Can I change the cryptocurrency address used for donations? Can I change the leader?

Unfortunately, you can't. Since the system is based on the blockchain technology, you cannot change something that has already happened. You can only add new data.

29. Where does the System store members’ funds for payouts?

All donations made to unique addresses are accumulated and transferred to the System moneybox-account.

You can review all donations and the total balance here: https://blockchain.sparta.top/#/address/SPA13M4ezSHAEVG8v6rdH.

30. Why does the System use the SPARTA cryptocurrency?

It’s simple. SPARTA has an educational website, an embedded exchanger for buy/sell transactions and an easy-to-use wallet with required functionality. A simple blockchain explorer is also available, with statistics displayed in real time. The project is available in 20 world's languages.

It’s fast. SPARTA blockchain allows for nearly instantaneous transactions and for fast accumulation of earnings.

It's reliable. SPARTA blockchain allows you to stop worrying about potential network attacks.

Our purposes are similar! SPARTA, just like ELDORADO, strives to build a new and fair financial System. We're going to change the world together!