Sergey Mavrodi

Sergey Mavrodi was the founder and all-time leader of the MMM Mutual Aid Community that was his life work. He was one of the few who challenged the existing unfair financial system. He was intent on building a new fair world for all common people on the planet. But, unfortunately, he passed away and the MMM System shut down.

However, his idea lives on. A team of former MMM enthusiasts who are loyal to Sergey Mavrodi's ideals have developed a new MMM 3.0 System — the ELDORADO Global Mutual Aid Club. This project pursues a single purpose — that of making a new step on the path to changing the world.

Thus, ELDORADO, just like MMM, wants to build a new fair world where everyone will live happily. Where people will no longer be slaves to banks and governments. Everyone deserves a better life. Now, with the launch of ELDORADO, everyone will have this chance — at a whole new level!

ELDORADO is a System for people who are tired of living in the world of lies, pain, and fear. Thanks to decentralization, maths, and Blockchain — nothing will prevent the Global Mutual Aid Club to cause a financial apocalypse and build a new fair world for everyone! But first let's investigate what this fair world will be like and what we're fighting against.

Why is the existing financial system unfair?

The modern world is ruled by injustice. Those who have the power and the money are running the show: bankers, tycoons, magnates, corrupt officials. They swim in luxury while common people are often deprived of the indispensable things.

Millions of people live below the poverty line and cannot possibly change their situation. They are paid peanuts for their work which is sometimes very hard. It's only enough to survive — survive rather than live a full life. Why do some people have all of it while others have nothing? What makes the poor worse than the rich? Don't they deserve a better life?

In the modern world, we can buy and sell anything for money. Bankers and governments leverage this unscrupulously driving people into a loan trap — a terrible form of slavery that many people cannot escape until the end of their lives.

The truth is that fiat money — dollars, euros, yuans and other national currencies — are just pieces of paper with no coverage printed by banks themselves. The powers-that-be use these pieces of paper to pay to the people thus keeping them “on a tight leash” — people understand they cannot possibly survive without money.

Theoretically, they could print money in any amounts since it's not backed by anything. But they don't do this and they never will — if all people have enough money, there will be no one left to exploit. It's impractical to provide all people with money. However, this is exactly what ELDORADO is intent on doing!

ELDORADO is fighting for creating a new — just and fair — financial system. All people will have a chance to become better-off, acquire financial freedom and win independence from banks and governments.

ELDORADO as an alternative to the existing financial system

ELDORADO enables every person in the world to earn a sustainable +30% per month. It's a lot better than any bank deposit and surely way better than investing in high-risk investment projects run by fraudsters or than hiding money under the mattress and seeing it become cheaper due to inflation day after day.

In some states, inflation can reach unthinkable values. It can as well be over 20%, over 100%, over 1,000% or even over 10,000% per annum. Examples abound — think about Zimbabwe back in 2008 when inflation reached 98% per DAY.

We don't have to use hypercrises as an example. Suffice it to mention what's happening with Venezuelan currency. In June 2018, annual inflation reached 24,500%. Another example is Turkey (where, by the way, economy is a lot more developed than in Venezuela). Just to give you an idea, in Turkey inflation reached nearly 18% per month in August 2018. These are “stable national currencies” loved so much by the states.

People see their money turn to dust right before their eyes. It happens all the time. Isn't it better to make donations on ELDORADO and earn 30% per month? Even if something goes wrong, you'll receive an 80% refund of the donation amount and all earnings. For instance, in 3 months your donation may grow two-fold. Even in case of a restart you will still be on the winning side.

“Couldn't cryptocurrency become cheaper, too?” you may ask. It's a reasonable question, but the answer to it is so elementary that all questions cease to be relevant.

In case of cryptocurrency, its price is determined by the market. Growth is driven by demand. If ELDORADO works well (which it will undoubtedly do), the promising SPARTA cryptocurrency we have selected to use will rise in (even if there are periodic downward fluctuations which are a usual thing). By and large, ELDORADO and SPARTA will evolve together. We're going to change the world together! That's it — it's nice and simple!

ELDORADO is a huge moneybox available to everyone

ELDORADO is a Global Mutual Aid Club. It's exactly how it should be seen. It's a huge moneybox. Whenever you have a possibility to help others, make a donation. When you need to get help, withdraw your funds.

ELDORADO is a place where you can get rich fast. However, there's no room for greed here. You should only donate amounts that are not critical for you. You shouldn't take out loans, sell your possessions or borrow money from friends. You should only donate money when you can do so and withdraw it when you really need it. In this case it's going to be fine.

It looks like this:

  • Imagine there's a huge purse — a chest, moneybox or even a room.
  • Users from all over the world make donations to ELDORADO using spare money. For instance, a user might have some excess money after getting a monthly paycheck which they donate to ELDORADO. Each user does so.
  • When someone needs money — for instance, to buy a new TV to replace a broken one — they withdraw it from the moneybox. Based on the System rules, they can always withdraw more than they have deposited.
  • New users join the System all the time and put their money in the moneybox meaning it will never get empty.
  • Those who have withdrawn funds will then donate again because on ELDORADO this money will grow at the rate of 1% per day and withdrawing it is simply unprofitable. Again, the moneybox will always be full thanks to this.
  • This way, people help each other by putting their spare money in a public purse. This is exactly how a new financial System is created where everyone will live happily and want for nothing. Whenever someone has spare money, they can always “invest” it at a good growth rate. Whenever someone needs money, they can always take some from the big moneybox filled up by people from across the world.

This is how it works. ELDORADO is its members. It's a Global Mutual Aid Club where people help each other thus changing the world. This is why each act of assistance, each donation to ELDORADO is another blow to the unfair financial system and a step towards a new world.

Do you want to change the world? How about your life? Aren't you fed up by the fact that millions live in poverty? How about people not having enough money to buy food? Or you not being able to afford what you've been dreaming about? Or being paid several times less than you deserve? Aren't you fed up? Then join the System and help it grow. This is where a new world starts, with everyone living a happy life!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Truth and kindness are the ultimate force. Help each other, make donations, invite your friends, improve your own financial state and the financial state of people all over the world. We will change the world together! Because we are ELDORADO.