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Your address: SPAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Your reward will be transferred to the cryptocurrency address you indicate in the “JOIN” form. You use the same address to log into your Personal Account (Office).

My referral link: //eld.club/?ref=SPA

Leader: none Your leader, i. e. a person who has invited you and whose team you're in.

Donation address: soon

Use the address above for all your donations. You can transfer funds to it from any other addresses. Your reward will be sent to the address you indicated in the System.

Rate change in 8 min

1 SPA = | ELD is ELDORADO's conditional currency unit used to record donations. ELD price grows by +0.00485917% every 8 minutes. (1% per day, 30% per month). You can exchange ELD for cryptocurrency at any time using the current exchange rate.

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