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  • Withdrawing funds from ELDORADO to the SIGEN platform
  • Requesting compensation for previous ELDORADO versions

Information displayed in Personal Account

Donation address. To make a donation, transfer an amount in cryptocurrency to this address. Use the same address for making all further donations. You can transfer funds to it from any other addresses.

Referral link. You can use it to build your own structure and earn referral and 8-level leader bonuses. Send it to those who you would like to invite to the system.

Your leader, i. e. a person who has invited you and whose team you're in.

The “Donations” tab where you can see all transactions submitted to the System Address indicated in your PA.

The “Bonuses” tab which displays all your bonuses.

The “Referrals” tab which lists your level 1 referrals.

The “Payouts” tab which shows all payouts sent to your address.

The "Withdraw" tab where you can create an SPA withdrawal request.

The "Statistics" tab where you can find all your statistics.

In "Compensation" tab you can get compensated for the entire amount of your “losses” in the previous versions of ELDORADO.

The Personal Account also displays the current price and the amount that is available for withdrawal (your donations + earnings + bonuses) and time left until the next price change which happens every 8 minutes.